Feel-good food that actually makes you feel good. 


The first ready-to-eat treat from Gujju Guys was a unique twist on no-bake cookies. They were longing for a classic American treat, but wanted one that was better...healthier. So, they set about making a from-scratch, no-bake cookie that satisfied every last craving, but was crafted from 100% natural ingredients and absolutely no preservatives. The result was was a rich, dense, fudgy, handmade blend of tender oats, honey, cane sugar, and all-natural peanut butter that puts other no-bakes to shame.But they didn’t stop there.

Since both of the Gujjus have backgrounds in science (Ankit in biotechnology, Haresh in pharmacy), they were inspired to  use nutritional research to make an even better no-bake...one that wasn’t just guilt free, but actually good for you. Their No-Bakes + Protein are just as delicious as the originals, but full of chia seeds, hemp and protein power to provide steady energy throughout the day.

Gujju Guys like to say that a No-Bake + Protein isn’t a guilty pleasure, even though it tastes like one.